How to Avoid Teacher Burnout

Being a teacher is one of the hardest professions around. Teachers have to be skilled in their area of teaching and must be certified in many states. Once that hurdle is overcome, the nervousness and joys of having one’s own classroom is intriguing. Many teachers, after their first year of classroom teaching begin to experience burnout. Teacher burnout is quite common in first time teachers, and also in experienced teachers. Dealing with the different personalities and demands of each child, parents, school and administration, can all cause a teacher to feel overwhelmed. There are ways to overcome that feeling and enjoy the profession again.

As a first time teacher, be sure to not over exert too much energy too soon. It is a good idea to stretch the energy over time. Teachers have a caring heart and sometimes it can be hard to say ‘no’. This puts more pressure on the teacher to meet the demands of each request or suggestion. Avoid teacher burnout by setting aside some alone time. Everyone needs personal time to recoup, not just teachers. Ways to do this, include reading an interesting book. Get out and go for a short walk. Just try to take your self out of the situation for about 10 minutes. Do something that is of interest to you. Get a massage or meditate. Simple tasks and relaxation techniques can help overcome the this-job-isn’t-fun-anymore syndrome.

Another thing that can be done to ease teacher burnout is to be sure to get plenty of exercise and sleep. Those are very important no matter which profession. Lack of sleep can cause grogginess and lack of concentration. Exercise in and of itself is quite important as everyone knows. Exercise is vital to ones overall health and it also reduces stress.

Food affects mood greatly. Eat the right foods and the body will thank you. You see, food is vital to live. But also the type of food is important to be able to provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients found in food. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten more often, especially throughout the day. Chocolate, for example, is a positive mood booster. Try to stay away from fatty foods, as it can alter mood and cause fatigue.

As mentioned above there are ways to reduce teacher burnout. But the teacher must take action to combat or overcome any instances of stress or burnout beginning to form. Try stepping away from the situation. Also doing something that is relaxing and removing your mind temporarily from the situation is good too. Enlist the other teachers around, for help and support, as well as ideas. Keep the classroom updated with different themes and even change up the lesson plans if they are the same ones used over and over. It is not a good feeling to be burned out, no one deserves it. Unfortunately, it happens but taking action ahead of time, and arming oneself with the knowledge, will make it much easier to enjoy teaching in the classroom.

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