Disruptive Students Can Change

Learning environments are a very important part of building a successful person. However, a disruptive student can destroy a learning environment. Problem-causing students steal education from their peers by distracting students and distracting teachers. It is a teacher’s job to make sure a class stays on task, even in the presence of a student causing problems. Younger children are much easier to deal with when they cause disruptions in class than teenagers. It is ridiculous when college students disrupt a class, and they should simply be asked to leave. However, teenagers can be difficult to deal with, but they must be handled.

A teacher should always remain professional in a classroom, especially when working with teenagers. Students do not need teachers to act as their parents or their friends. When teachers try too hard to establish a friendship with their students, the result can be a disruptive student. Students do not respect someone who comes completely down to their level. Teachers also must be careful to stay away from acting like a parent to their students. When a teacher speaks to a student in the tone of a parent disciplining their child, the student feels the need to rebel. This can only end in a disrupted classroom situation.

Teachers should lead by example. If cell phones are against the class rules, teachers should turn off their cell phones as well. If a No More Disruptions Here