The Importance of Effective Classroom Management

Have you ever visited a classroom and notice kids running around and not listening to their teacher, and visited another classroom and the kids are really well-behaved? If so, the problem might be that one teacher is practicing effective classroom management and one has classroom management problems.

Good classroom management occurs when a teacher has control of the classroom and has the ability to maintain order and enable learning. This is an important concept for a new teacher to learn in order to be an effective teacher, and many colleges use a 90-10% rule to enforce classroom management.

The 90-10% rule states a teacher must use 90% of their time establishing their rules and implementing those rules, and 10% focusing on teaching. Most educational experts believe that children will know what the teacher expects and understands how to behave correctly while in the classroom and learn better.

To enforce the 90% rule, a classroom management plan must be implemented. A teacher should determine the manner in which they want their students to act in class, and make sure the students understand what these behaviors entail. Therefore, the teacher should teach the rules and procedures early on, and continue doing so until the children understand and follow the rules. If the teacher does not take the time to enforce the rules, the teaching experience will not be favorable to either the teacher or the students. It might also be necessary to review the rules from time to time to determine their effectiveness.

To truly perform effective classroom management, a teacher should look at their past experiences as a student, and think about their effective and ineffective teachers, and what makes them different. After a comparison of both teachers classroom management skills, decide what steps to make to improve their own classroom.

Teaching is a very important career with major short-term and long-term impact. Hence, a teacher should invest the time to make sure they have a classroom that is conducive to learning by minimizing any classroom management problems quickly. Doing so will ensure a very successful teaching career and well-behaved children who are focused on learning rather than playing.