Extra Income for Teachers At Your Fingertips!

A tight economy has everyone searching for extra income in this day and age. Especially needed is extra income for teachers. Teachers and educators have options available to them to bring in extra money during these trying times. Educators have the advantage over many other fields because of their early releases during the day, long breaks during the summer and over Christmas. This time can be turned into extra money if you’re in need.

Tutoring is the most obvious answer but shouldn’t be overlooked. Many companies exist in the marketplace that are hiring. They especially love to hire existing teachers as they know the curriculum better than those out of the loop. If you can’t pick up a job with one of the companies, solicit your own clients and offer tutoring out of your own home or in a public place like a library using one of their private rooms. Place ads in public places like the gym, library or bookstores. Maybe you can also place ads on message boards related to parent issues.

Work at home jobs are growing increasingly popular. To bring in extra money for teachers, apply for some of the editorial positions that allow you to work from home. The requirements are usually basic, ie a computer, high-speed Internet and an aptitude for proof reading. And isn’t that what teaching is about 50% of the time anyway? There are also online opportunities to teach English as a second language. Look into that. Or, if you want to get away from the teaching arena for a break, try some of the customer service positions that exist for work at homers.

Just know that you are not dependent on the salary you receive currently. There are always other avenues out there you can and should explore to bring in the extra income you need and deserve. For someone willing to work a bit after the bell rings, there are definite part-time and seasonal positions you can claim. Use your teaching background as the biggest selling point as you have experience with parents, children and administrators. You’re used to public speaking in front of all the above and are a quick thinker on your feet. This is what all these companies are looking for.