Why Quit Teaching?

Maybe you have progressed beyond the thought and you actually quit teaching. You went to school for years to be able to do the one thing you thought you would spend the rest of your life doing, and now you have found yourself without a job. Now is the time to make some important decisions regarding your future. Tomorrow will come and what will you do with yourself?

It’s a good time to examine the reasons you quit teaching. What brought you to this decision? A lot of times educators lose focus because there are so many politics staring them in the face. Sometimes the cons outweigh the pros. One con is definitely the low pay. Putting up with those who control the way you choose to do your job is seldom easy and most teachers know they do not get paid enough to do that. But the real issue is if it’s the thing you love to do the most or not. If you love what you do, then lack of pay and questionable administration mean nothing in the face of knowing you are planting seeds into young lives.

On the other hand, there are those who entered the profession for the wrong reasons. Maybe they could not see themselves in another career, they thought it would be more fulfilling, or they thought it was an easy job. If education is not the career for you, it’s okay to quit teaching. You may not know what else you can do and you may not feel qualified to do anything else, but that is untrue. Discovering where to go next could be like treading water. Try something new until you find the thing you want to do.

As an accredited teacher there are possibilities you probably have not considered. Many businesses are open to anyone with a degree and good work history. Consider starting your own business, what better time is there? Get an online job, you may find you love it or it’s just a stepping stone to your next adventure. Do what you love to do, not what you have to. That could involve teaching or any other profession.

What Are Your Reasons? Quit Teaching