Teachers Can Resign from Teaching Without Guilt

With the recent economic recession and the poor salary provided by teaching, many teachers are considering finding other options. If the stress of teaching or the small paychecks are too stressful, a teacher should resign from teaching. Resignation is always a personal decision that needs to be considered carefully. A lot of teachers work so hard to provide a good education for their students that they do not have the time to get a second job to keep up with their bills.

Some teachers are arriving at school at seven in the morning and not leaving until seven at night. Some teachers are involved in extracurricular activities or other student-related projects that keep them at school as late as eleven o’clock at night.

Trouble students can often cause a lot of stress for teachers. Some teachers have been teaching so long that they can not handle the stress involved in teaching any longer. A person’s health should be considered very important. If stress is causing a teacher health problems, they should resign from teaching. While many teachers feel guilty about resigning, there are many legitimate reasons why resignation is the best route for some people. Emergencies come up. Sometimes the health of a teacher deteriorates for reasons not related to stress, but they can not teach because of their health problems. Some teachers need to move because of a better job offer or their spouse’s job.

If a teacher finds the need to resign, they should be sure to give their employer notice about the resignation. Students can not depend on substitute teachers to educate them until the school finds a replacement for negligent teachers who have left unexpectedly. It is most responsible to wait until the end of the school year to resign from teaching. Sometimes this is not possible, but a teacher should at least try to wait until midterm or winter recess to resign. A resignation should always be presented in a letter of resignation to an employer. A teacher should also express their gratitude to their employer, and ask for a reference letter. A teacher should also be open with their students. No personal details are needed, but a teacher should inform students of the fact that they are leaving and discuss it with the class. This should especially happen if a teacher is leaving during the year.