Stress Relief For Teachers – Why it is So Important

If you are a teacher, you know the amount of stress that comes along with the profession. Perhaps more today than at any other time in the history of teaching has stress relief for teachers been so necessary to find. Today it appears that stress and teachers go hand in hand but by taking care of the stress that so many educators are under will help avoid teacher burnout. In addition, a teachers stress level can be doubled if he or she is also has stress from their own personal lives.

It is difficult to be the best in your field or to recruit new people in education when there is so much talk these days about ‘teacher stress’ and everyone is affected by this stress in one way or another. Much of the stress stems from violence that seems to have erupted in many schools including the use of guns, which has led to metal detectors having to be installed in most schools today as a measure of protection. This is not something that teachers 25 years ago had to deal with so there is added stress today.

Because stress is so high today it comes as no surprise that 50 percent of teachers that enter the field quit after just five short years of teaching. Stress management is clearly lacking for teachers today and it needs to be addressed.

Let’s look at some stress relief for teachers techniques:* Exercise is a great way to reduce your stress level – while it is easy to think you don’t have time, it is crucial that you make the time. Stress reduction for anyone in any field can be greatly helped by regular exercise.* New teachers tends to be over-zealous in their quest to educate the world and in doing so they often take on too much and fail to take their proper breaks during the day and work too many hours. This clearly is a recipe for burn-out.

* Getting the proper amount of rest each night is critical to how you handle stress. If you are having problems sleeping – speak to your doctor to see how he or she can help to get your sleep cycles on track.