There Are Alternatives to a Teacher Salary

Many people decide to go in to a career in teaching because they want to make a difference in the future of the country. However, a person surviving on a teacher salary can not always provide for a family. In certain districts, teachers are paid enough to support their families, but not all districts can afford to pay their teachers that much. Teachers who started teaching because they want to make a difference need to be able to continue teaching while making enough money to support their families.

Many teachers are finding jobs that they can do on the side of teaching. A teacher salary can increase by coaching or working with the students in extracurricular activities after school. Tutoring is a great option for teachers to earn a little extra income. Online tutoring websites have opened up a new world of possibilities for teachers to make extra income by tutoring. Teachers can still tutor local students, and tutor online at the same time. Another possibility for earning money online is creating an online business.

Music teachers can give private lessons to increase their income. Some teachers get a second job. Jobs that provide tips can be a good way to overcome the slump of a bad teacher salary. Delivering pizza or working as a waiter or waitress during the evenings, even just a few nights a week, can give a teacher an extra hourly wage and a decent income from tips. Janitorial work is often available in the evenings, which is an ideal time for a teacher to work a second job.

Teachers often make the mistake of believing they can not change their circumstances. Maybe a teacher salary supported their family ten years ago, but after a few more kids and the changes in the economy that kind of money does not provide significant support for their family now. If teachers can get out of their comfort zones, they may find ways to earn more money. Sometimes teachers should take a break from teaching and go back to college to further their knowledge in order to make it possible to find a better paying job. Teachers should not have to settle for a salary that does not even provide for their families.

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