When Teachers Get Fired There Are Options

We know it happens all the time. The grapevine spreads the word faster than lightening. Sometimes it even makes the local or national news when teachers get fired. It’s always at the back of an educators mind that something they’ve done could be misconstrued and they could be fired. Or maybe, you’ve been dismissed already. Maybe your contract was not renewed and you were never really given any real reasons why. Know that you’re not alone. 45% of all parents in a survey felt that some teachers in the public school system should be fired. There is a life after getting fired and there are alternatives for individuals who may no longer wish to teach.

If you’ve gotten fired, you’ve got to brush off your pants and move on. Dwelling on the situation if you were wronged is not going to change any one’s mind or get your job back. Secondly, apply for unemployment insurance. If you’ve been fired for misconduct, this may not be approved, but you can always submit your side of what happened. If it’s unclear about exactly what happened, the unemployment office may side with you the job hunter.

When you interview for future jobs, be honest, be concise and move on. Practice ahead of time what you’re going to say and keep the same story regardless. Don’t lie, admit if you made a mistake and talk about the lesson you learned, but keep it moving. Remember to never insult or talk bad about your former school or employer. That only makes you look bad. Like the old song says, accentuate the positive. You may decide to take a break after the dismissal and go into a different field. Perhaps you’ll decide to look for online opportunities or look into educational software positions. There are always options for a well-educated, well-spoken individual. Focus on all that you’ve learned and the skills you obtained while teaching. These can benefit many industries or corporations. Most of all, if the worst does happen to you, remember that it’s an isolated incident in your life. It shouldn’t define you or what your future has the capability of becoming.

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