Learn About Teachers and Unemployment in the Summer

Depending on where a teacher works, some are paid during the summer and some are considered unemployed. Teachers who are unemployed during the summer may have trouble qualifying for unemployment because they have the promise of a job to return to at the end of summer. Many people in the education field worry about teachers and unemployment in the summer. Most teachers get a yearly salary that covers the summer. In many cases, this is the only reason teachers can afford to continue teaching. However, there are many schools that can not afford to pay their teachers for the summer. Although some teachers worry about their income during the summer, this is always a problem for substitute teachers.

Substitute teachers are not compensated for when they are not working. Substitute teachers and unemployment in the summer is addressed all the time. Some teacher’s unions do not have a stance on substitute teachers. The eligibility requirements change so often that substitute teachers have to deal with a surprise every year if they choose to apply for unemployment during the summer. On top of being unemployed during the summer, substitute teachers do not get health benefits or paid for holiday vacations. Substitute teachers are having a difficult time even finding jobs because of the economic recession. Employers are more picky about who they hire because so many people are out of work. Schools used to hire anyone with a college degree to be a substitute teacher, but now they look for people with a degree in Education.

While some people think being unemployed would be an easy life to lead, those people do not understand the stress that comes with being unemployed. It is interesting how teachers and unemployment in the summer can seem appealing to some people. It would not be luxurious to be unemployed for three to four months out of the year. At least teachers are employed around Christmas time. Christmas can be the most stressful time of the year for those who are unemployed. Unemployment does not provide enough money to pay bills, buy groceries, and still have money left over for gifts during the Christmas season.

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